BLENKINSOPP is a township, 2 miles west from Haltwhistle station. A. Cemetery for Blenkinsopp and Thirlwall, consisting of one acre, was formed in 1881 adjoining the churchyard, at a cost of 250 and is under the control of a Joint Burial Committee.

click to enlarge blenkinsopp castleBlenkinsopp Castle was originally erected in 1339 by the Blenkinsopp family on an elevated site above the river Tipalt; in 1542 it began to fall into decay, and was deserted in favour of the tower of Bellister in 1880 it was restored by William Lisle Blenkinsopp Coulson esq. of Jesmond, who subsequently sold it to Edward Joicey esq.of Blenkinsopp Hall, and it is now the residence of David Drummond M.A. M.D. D.C.L. of the massive Border tower only a portion of the walls now remain

The family of Blenkinsopp is descended from Randolph de Blenkinsopp who held lands here in 1240, which continued in the possession of the family until 1727, when they passed by  marriage to the Coulson, of Jesmond, from whom they e were purchased in 1876 by the late Edward Joicey esq. of Whinney House, co. Durham, who died in 1879 and was 1 succeeded by his SOD, Edward Joic8y esq. D.L. J.P. now lord of the manor and chief landowner, who resides at

 click to enlarge Blenkinsopp HallBlenkinsopp Hall, a stately castellated mansion, built by Colonel John Blenkinsopp Coulson; it is delightfully situated on the north bank of the Tipalt burn, sheltered by fine picturesque woods, and approached from the east by a , carriage drive one mile in length. The area is 2,476

Acres of land and 2 of water: rateable value, 4,139.the population in 1901 was 881.

Drummond David M.A., M.D., D.C.L. . Blenkinsopp castle

Joicey Edward. D.L., J.P. Blenkinsopp hall ; & Newbiggin hall  Blanchland

Dickinson John, farmer, Hole house

Edgar David & Jacob farmers. Waterloo

Henderson John Thomas, farmer, Weydon Cleughside

Nixon John, gamakeeper to Edward  Joicey esq. Hill house

Riddell Mary Ann (Miss), farmer; Wrvtree

Routledge John George, gardener to Edward Joicey esq. West lodge

Smith Stephen, estate bailiff to E. Joicey esq. Spital farm

Snowdon William, farmer, College farm

Thompson John. gamekeeper to Dr. Drummond

click to enlarge byron pitAngerton is a, hamlet (is now called Bankfoot) in this township, 3 miles west from Haltwhistle, inhabited chiefly by miners who work at the Byron pit.